Service Strategy
Our company will provide the relevant drawings of the project building provided by the customer, and we will provide the equipment confirmation drawing for the design plan of the project as soon as possible for the customer to confirm, to ensure that the supplied goods are products that truly meet your needs and achieve " Tailor-made" to ensure product quality. Sign the contract and pay the deposit. Production time is calculated from the date of signing the contract. Product delivery will not exceed 100 days.
Produce in strict accordance with the confirmed drawings, relying on high-quality raw materials, parts and advanced processing technology to ensure product quality. The delivered goods can leave the factory only after passing the strict inspection of quality assurance, and a certificate of conformity will be issued to prove that the goods meet the requirements of the contract. Meet the requirements of cargo bidding and national standards. After the equipment is debugged on site, it will be dismantled and packaged for transportation between divisions. The logistics unit that our company has cooperated with for many years will carry out the transportation and directly deliver it to the location designated by the customer.
The technical documents attached to the factory are as follows:
1. A list of all supplies;
2. Confirmation drawings, electrical wiring diagrams, and automatic control schematic diagrams of the supplied goods;
3. The factory inspection certificate of the supplied goods;
4. The installation and operation instructions of the supplied goods.
Our company guarantees that the goods supplied are brand new and unused, and the materials used are all high-quality products, produced by advanced technology, strictly controlling all aspects of production quality, and manufacturing equipment that fully meets the requirements of the contract. Its quality, specifications and performance meet the requirements.

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