What types of buildings are fixed base window cleaners suitable for?

Publish Time: 2023-12-08
Fixed base window cleaning machines are mainly suitable for window cleaning in high-rise buildings and large modern buildings, especially those buildings that cannot be cleaned by traditional methods. Usually, the height of the building suitable for the fixed base window cleaning machine needs to be more than 60 meters.
These buildings include but are not limited to:
Commercial and office buildings: such as skyscrapers, commercial centers, five-star hotels, etc.
Industrial buildings and public buildings: such as large airports, stations, hospitals, etc.
Residential buildings and apartments: such as high-rise apartments, high-end residential complexes, etc.
The fixed base window cleaning machine is not only suitable for traditional curtain wall windows and standard windows, but also for non-standard windows used on various forms of buildings with different heights, such as tilt windows, crown windows, spiral windows and octahedral windows wait.
In short, the fixed-base window cleaning machine is suitable for modern or high-rise buildings with complex window structures, large heights, and strong durability. It can complete window cleaning work quickly, safely, and efficiently, reducing the risks for window cleaning personnel. Although it can be used well in the above buildings, you need to understand the usage restrictions and safety measures before using it.

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