NANJING FRD Electromechanical Technology Group Co.,LTD.

Publish Time: 2023-08-16

NANJING FRD Electromechanical Technology Group Co.,LTD was established on July 23, 2010,the legal representative is Mr. Liu Daoping, the registered capital is 20 million, the existing factory building is more than 5800 square meters, and the office building is more than 2600 square meters,the company invested 50 million yuan to introduce various processing and production equipment,at present, all kinds of processing equipment in the factory are complete.
Our company is the introduction enterprise of Gaochun Economic Development Zone. It is a window cleaning machine equipment manufacturer specializing in independent research and development, design, production, engineering design, installation, service and window cleaning machine product agency. It has complete and advanced production and processing equipment and a strong R&D team,advanced creative production level, unique perspective and excellent production technology, relying on a group of skilled, familiar with the market and experienced professionals, successfully provided high-quality window cleaning machine equipment and services for many businesses!
On June 15, 2012, our company successfully acquired 51% of the equity of NANJING FRD High-rise Building Equipment Co., Ltd. NANJING FRD High-rise Building Equipment Co., Ltd. was established on November 3, 1995 with a registered capital of 5 million.
At present, the company now has a professional construction team with tenacious style and rich construction experience, which can ensure that any window cleaning machine project can be completed within the time limit specified by the owner with guaranteed quality and quantity,at the same time, we have also trained a group of skilled after-sales service personnel , able to provide users with the most complete after-sales service in the first time. At present, the market share of window cleaning machine equipment is gradually increasing. At the same time, our company's window cleaning machine equipment has been exported to Middle East countries and regions in large quantities, which has greatly enhanced the influence of the domestic window cleaning machine industry in the international market.


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